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The route to the vantage point of Ses Barques can be achieved via two different paths. The ascent is carried out via the Costa d’en Flassada, whilst the descent to Fornalutx is achieved by following Costa d’En Nicó.

Leaving the estate via the narrow path of lavenders, we open the crossing gates and go straight on for around 20 metres until reaching an asphalted street. At this point we must turn left and go straight on until coming across a fork where we keep going straight on ignoring a path, which is also asphalted, on our left. A few hundred metres later we come across on the right the start of costa D’en Flassada, properly signposted. Initially it is an asphalted path with steep slopes which soon displays its cobbled paving. Penned into between two walls we move between olive groves and, after a short while, we cross the Puig Major road, finished in 1961. The route crosses several cart tracks, although the paved stretches are very visible amongst the olive groves. Slightly higher you reach the Sa Capelleta path (on the right) which forms part of another route. The olive groves are now alternated with the lush, shady oak groves, offering us a unique landscape.

Higher up we find the costa D’en Nicó which we have to go down, though it is worth keep going up to arrive just five minutes later at the vantage point of Ses Barques where we can behold one of the best views from puerto de Sóller savouring an orange juice.

The descent commences via the same track and, after a short while, we take a detour following the signposting of costa D’en Nicó. Then we reach the road which we go down a few hundred metres until leaving it on the right.

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Now we follow a cart track amongst the olive groves which, upon arriving at a crossing gate, again becomes a bridle path with cobbled fragments. At this point we meet the road again; we should follow it for just 100 metres on the left until meeting a cart track on our right which suddenly narrows.

We continue our descent enjoying some beautiful views of the valley whilst the bridle path alternates with a cart track with a gutter which leads to the road again, very near the Fornalutx crossroads. After crossing the road, you follow an asphalted path which passes in front of the house of Ses Comes and leads us to cross the Fornalutx road. On the other side we follow an asphalted path which directly leads to Fornalutx, describing various curves amongst which stretches of cobbled path are conserved. Following the signposting amongst the olive groves, the remains of a tile channel accompanies us until after a short while we arrive at the higher part of Fornalutx. We enter the town via Calle de los Toros until reaching Calle de la Plaça which takes us to Plaza Espanya, the nerve centre of Fornalutx, where the route ends.

7th Hiking Route
around Sóller


ico bus
Duration 2/3 h
Difficulty average
460 m
by bus

The time invested, without counting the breaks, may be as much as two and a half hours, one and a half for the ascent and another for the descent, with the possibility of returning to Sóller by bus.

Both Costa D'en Flassada and la D'en Nicó were recovered in 2000 thanks to voluntary action by various associations and local councils.

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See Description of the Route

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