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This route consists of going along the main communication axis which joins Sóller to Cala Tuent and Sa Calobra, besides the maritime route. We take the old path from Bàlitx which starts in Sóller and rises between the olive groves as far the property of Bàlitx d'Amunt, subsequently descending to the valley bottom until arriving at Bàlitx d'Avall. Along the coastal path of Na Cavallera you will reach Coll de Biniamar where we will enter the district of Escorca and Sa Costera via the path of the same name which will lead us to the houses of S'Electricitat and further on Cala Tuent.

In view of the long duration of this route, it is recommended to start it already at the Ses Barques vantage point to which we can go in our own vehicle and leave it parked there; also by bus from Sóller to Lluc, previously telling the driver where our stop is, or walk taking route no.7 as the references described in this same guide, adding a further hour and  a half to this route.

Departing from the vantage point of Ses Barques (km 49.9 of highway C-710), we get going on a stony path by way of a small olive growing estate marked by the numerous walls which we find there and which we must leave in the state we find them.

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In this area, always upward, we will walk parallel to stretches of cart track, amongst pines of large dimensions, accompanied by a cobbled stream which, along with the banks of the surroundings, constitute an authentic paradise of dry stone walling.

Crossing a narrow pass we enter the estate of Bàlitx d’Amunt by way of a cart track. Leaving on the left the track which goes up to the houses of said estate, we flank a narrow pass which goes into the valley of Bàlitx via a signposted path which alternates the cart stretches with the rest of the stone path which goes down to the property of Bàlitx d’Avall, passing via the abandoned houses of Bàlitx d’Enmig. Later, the stream of Bàlitx de Na Mora is crossed and we take the ascent up to Coll de Biniamar, initially via a track which we will then leave to follow via the stony path of Na Cavallera.

Once the descent has commenced, following the forest path we enter in the land of Sa Costera, leaving on the left the diversion to the houses of the property, passing through a bridle path with stony stretches and magnificent views. The next goal is the diversion on the left which goes down to the coast to the Electricity factory which provided power to Sóller until 1962. Returning to the aforementioned crossroads, we can also continue without any great problem to Tuent cove, crossing Coll de Na Polla and the houses of Capapuig.

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6th Hiking Route
around Sóller


4/5 h
Difficulty average
500 m
Alternative return

It should be borne in mind that this is a long excursion, as we can spend between four and five hours to get to Tuent or to the Electricity factory. Furthermore, you should think about how to get back because there is no public transport in Tuent. In summer you can return to Sóller by boat from Sa Calobra and, giving prior notice, from Tuent.

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See Description of the Route

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