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The visit we would recommend in the S’Illeta area consists of a pleasant trip with slight slopes which combines major heritage and landscaping attractions. Of the former, worthy of special mention is the sturdy Picada tower, the Ses Puntes coast and the S’Illeta path.

A good place to start this walk is the last tram station at Port de Sóller. When we get out of the tram, we should go back a few metres on the same route we have just taken on the tram, in such a way that we will go along the Des Través road parallel to the tram tracks until passing through a park where different art sculptures carried out by people from the hamlet stand out.

We carry on in parallel with the tracks for around 120 metres more until turning left and going down Calle Antoni Montis. At the end of this street we will see a roundabout. We should continue on our way, taking the street on the left and going along Avenida Onze de Maig. After this street we will come across a square; then you must go straight on along the street opposite, carrer de Bèlgica, which goes up a steep slope. We go up this slope until reaching a steep bend which turns left. here we should take the S’Illeta path which is on our rightand which goes straight on. we will pass by a parapet and the path, much narrower and asphalted too, continues with a steep slope, winding between the olive groves. On our left there is the house Des Figueral Vell which used to have an olive mill and , two bends further up, we reach Coll de S’Illawhere, after the narrow pass, various paths converge.

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To visit the Picada tower we need to follow the cart track which appears, very steeply, on our left. This path has interesting views over Costa de S’Illeta. It describes a sharp bend on the left and attains a plain of olive groves where we have to take the path on the right which will take us to Picada tower.

To return to Coll de S’Illa, we should take the same path until reaching the aforementioned plain where, on our right, the traces of the old path can be observed which will take us to Coll. Our next objective will be to visit the Ses Puntesarea.

Situated at Coll de S’illa, you have to follow the path – now converted into a trail - situated right opposite and which immediately starts a persistent descent in quest of the sea. at the start, we pass through several abandoned olive groves, but further down we enter an area of shady oak woods. Right after a lime kiln, the track diverts right and the old path continues to descend to the sea. After reaching the sea, various paths enable us to view places like Ses Cambres (on the right), Sa Punta Llarga and Sa Punta Curta.

We go back on the same path until reaching Coll de S’Illa where we take an asphalted road on the left. A few minutes later, the asphalt gives way to a beautiful cart track used to access the olive groves and by numerous day-trippers. The road continues, now much flatter, until the entrance to the property S’Illeta from where you can make various trips which lead to the S’Heure pass, around Puig de Bàlitx, the Na Cordellina pass or the fountain of Es Joncar, amongst other routes. However, our route is completed at the wall of this property, returning to the Port de Sóller via the S’Illeta path.

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3rd Hiking
Route around Sóller


2/3 h
150 m

Two or three hours will be enough to carry out this walk, though in summer you can stop and take a swim half way, going down to Ses Puntes.

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See Description of the Route

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